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you know the motto of europe is united in their city and that's what would leave every day in a utopian school but outside the classroom reality says otherwise for now differences seem to transcend unity critics along accuse the e.u. of brainwashing children through education paraphernalia that they claim promote a stormy eyed vision of the e.u. a comment from a european commission representative at an education fair appears to support that point we will never succeed to convince people of the value of the member here in you if you do not was thoroughly enough with the young. people there the prejudices that are missing by the school there is no push to export concepts from the european screen model international curriculums apply now live in a two thousand and eleven report and later adopted by parliament. the european parliament repeats its request to the member states to promote the inclusion of the
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specific subject on the background goals and functioning of the european union and its institutions which will help young people feel more involved in the process of european integration school curriculum responsibility of individual member states to tailor to their own needs and their own classrooms and the e.u. should not get involved in dictating what individual schools teach you know we don't want to see a european money wasted on pouring out. pouring out the u. propaganda into our schools we see as part of our role to explain to citizens regardless of age how this thing works why we have the european union why it's a good thing but the aim is more information not not. propaganda or you know sort of brainwashing exercise that's not what we're told all the objectives of the european school are to encourage the european and global perspective and approach the emergence of a european identity from an early age but the question is what does it stop. and
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start being pope again as do angry at b.p.'s he say that targeted youngsters and their education with a potentially one sided political view may just be a little too said mr. r.t. brussels and they be a fireworks replace gunshots in the country marks a year since the start of the uprising that toppled khadafi by the anniversary comes at a time of continuing instability hundreds of our no issues are roaming the country the national transitional council appears unable to control them there's also evidence of the torture and abuse of the remaining khadafi supporters and while levy's mira's say they are willing to integrate the militias into security services jim brown from stop the war coalition says for now these are just empty words. the track of the national transitional council that was the body that was particularly by night during some months of bombing when he said in benghazi almost as a new message. he said to the face the prospect of either
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violent suppression of the militias or as he said civil war and break up you can hear a lot of a lot of europeans saying well we didn't get rid of gadhafi in order to have this voice comes across nothing has happened that was supposed to integrate militias in through the. supposed. supposed national police force and just by the very limited newspaper reports you know you see that a very very few people have joined you have this creation of a federation of the western militias a few days ago of a hundred militias in the west of libya and that really does seem to be a step on the road to the breakup of the internet at least to parts of west and east if not more. now the demand for a damaged suv is greater than ever in russia but it hasn't always been easy to find large supermarkets claim the product on their shelves are eco friendly though that's often not the case but russia may soon lead the way in the quest for natural
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food by giving buyers the unique chance to connect their were actually with growers . reports. the feast for the eyes but not necessarily for your stomach and many would be shocked to find out what exactly makes its way onto our plates. if any people knew what their sausage is made of or how they yogurt was bottled they would be very upset and would stop buying anything at all of the shops. perhaps that's why there is a growing demand among people in russia's main cities products unfortunately for them russian shops have little to offer what is sold is becoming bio friendly is often far from it. my brothers have found a niche in the market thanks to our bad environment and in here fashion for a healthier lifestyle. there are no legal standards a certified labeling schemes for organic produce in russia. farmers define it in
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their own way but it's really on every farmer's own conscience. alexander is a computer programmer who turned to working the land what started as a hobby is now a mini industry with several farms in the moscow region covering livestock fish vegetables and he's even aiming for his first harvest of black caviar from sturgeon's he breeds not far away from moscow if you ever only grow big business simply can't afford to produce ecologically clean product the years past decides to boost growth and lower the cost of everything i do is pure without a drop of chemicals. this new market in moscow had said and ambitious task to offer its customers. and unprecedented range of eco products what started as an attempt to bring organic food to the masses turned out to be almost impossible in reality no russian farmers can produce all this let alone in quantities needed for
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a large city so anything truly eco and bio friendly remains a luxury only a few people in russia can afford despite soaring prices for anything individual farmers find it hard to make their businesses profitable beaten by the supermarkets with their cheap processed food by the psyche founded and online all getting store trying to help some of the pharmacist and at the same time improve the quality of life while food conscious customers just like came. initially we simply wanted healthy stuff for our families and friends now we hand pick each person involved in the production of meat or bread that we sell so that we know where the food has come from and the business is growing. some going as far as saying russia with its plenty of land could eventually become an organic food basket for the whole world or very few europe in one thousand nine hundred eighteen russia good half of the
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world and we could easily get back to that but the state needs to start investing in agriculture. and while city dwellers are only starting to go back to their roots milledge is in russia's most organic far away koons are probably unaware of the treasures they could offer and russian klondyke to be discovered. r.t. scary jhon or russia and china angered a large section of the international community when they jointly vetoed a u.n. security council resolution condemning president ass's regime in syria as just the most recent example of the two standing largely on their own in the international arena so are these resident any ork laurie harvest went to ask people whether the two countries should be fear and why. if you believe the news media you should fear china and russia this week let's talk about why if they wanted to china could wipe out the us in probably three minutes
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but anyone with an atomic bomb could true so why china in particular chinese people are very dangerous why what is made you think that have you ever been personally threatened by a chinese person no so why do you feel that way. they know kung fu i don't think were in the good of relationship with them so should we fear them is that going to make relations better think we should fear of them i think they should fear us i think there's a legitimate concerns about human rights there and i think tweeted to pay attention to what are their legitimate human rights issues everywhere don't we have them here in the us sure i think a different scale there but yes we do have another places when this there was stuff to find out so well that is the stuff to find out so well that will screw nobody's going to give us some one who would be but we're participating in that why is it their fault because they're acting smartly. it's hard to resist most
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the last year i was in china i wasn't scared at all so i don't think you've been to should be i don't think we should run our country like china or russia but i think there are some ideas and some kind of plans they have that help their economy so maybe we can learn from a bit more amul aiding and looking up to rather than fearing but we're taught to fear them why do you think that is because fear keeps you in control if you are afraid it's easier to be manipulated by somebody telling you to do something rather than questioning what they say everybody is freak scared today because the new then old media makes people scare them specially in america why china and russia in particular are we made to feel scared because they're very powerful that's what we think ultimately they're going to be a part of the growth picture and they need us as much as we need them so why are people scared of them why are they painted in this more of a picture of the unknown so is this and so maybe we should get to know them to be
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good invite them over for coffee like that whether or not you believe the world should fear china and russia the bottom line to me is the old adage those who live in glass houses should never throw a stone. all you have today for now i'll bring you the headlines very shortly stay with us.
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welcome back you're watching our top stories international powers. on the pressure while china combines with russia's. solution by sending a top diplomat to damascus. on whether russian should be an official language the motion which is likely to fail was put forward by the russian minority which represents a third of the population complains of state. european impartiality is under
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scrutiny at a number of schools accused of brainwashing your values into children they claim to teach multiculturalism but tied to the e.u. control of the curriculum raises questions about how much propaganda is being taught. those of the top stories here in our next max and stacey discuss who are the wealthiest americans come from and where they reside balog more kaiser report that's next. or this is a cause a report where do the one percent really i mean what do they really live. max that's our first headline here where the one percent live the fifteen richest counties in america and this is from census bureau data and my answer is that pretty much they live within an hour's drive of washington d c ten of the
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fifteen are within an hour's drive of washington d.c. either virginia or maryland so number one richest median income in america is virginia luden county it's a one hour four minute drive to washington d.c. median household income is one hundred one thousand thousand five hundred forty dollars of the top ten employers in the county number six is the department of homeland security but number two max is fairfax virginia of course is home to langley and. they watch our show that's my demographic but all of the intelligence community much of the intelligence community is there the u.s. government is actually the number two employer in the county booz allen hamilton s.a.i.c. which is of course a science applications international corporation which has a lot of work for the n.s.a. there guys. freddie mac.
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northrop grumman and lockheed martin so it appears that being part of the surveillance state makes you very wealthy well if i were living in looting virginia and i were looting people for a living whether it's at the airport through the homeland security or the t.s.a. or whether it's. down there on capitol hill where they put together all because of bills to wholesale from people you know i have an above average standard of living in that one mile radius of washington d.c. and this is where all the one percent is now this is all relatively new because it wasn't until nine eleven the most overrated attack in history did you find that the u.s. government needed to create seventeen or eighteen new agencies pay them billions and you know they made jamie dimon look like. restraint of litter in fact
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luden county now it's not looting but it sounds better as looting it was an agricultural county up until only the one nine hundred sixty s. so yes it has you see the emergence of the new the one percent they are there they're the ones that are basically the toll booth operators between you the people the ninety nine percent and the government so they own the government behind their toll booth so that's the key point is that the life in the u.s. and around the world is being obstructed more and more by these especially these toll booths where you've got these in privileged is not a word. a privileged class that are set up by the government to basically take money from folks as are trying to get from point a to point b. so it becomes extraordinarily. going to rewrite the some of the songs like america the beautiful they're going to write it like america the prism but also like what sort of wealth do these people create
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a service economy is in which the service being provided is spying on the citizens that doesn't add any wealth to the economy these people obviously are very wealthy they're making income from it but it's not creating wealth for the economy and that's why you see an economy that is collapsing it's a drag on wealth it's a drag on wealth and they justify it as you need to have this one percent in these counties looting because again going back to the theory of trickle down economics going back to reagan's day that meant one thing but now it's just trickle down looting and we see this now in the g. twenty nations whether it's the u.s. but in the u.k. the u.k. is you know the really primo example of the so going back to fairfax county virginia now this is a thirty minute drive to washington d.c. and the median household income is one hundred three thousand and ten dollars now business on cider says this government will be excited to learn langley headquarters of the cia is within the county line so government employees must be
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making a decent amount of money these days also the unemployment rate in the county has been astoundingly low historically hitting one point four percent in one thousand nine hundred nine so there's no end to the jobs available in a global war on terror state right and of course it's more government but you know all these presidential campaigns are saying we want less government but this is more government they love government there and one way let me make a quick aside here about mitt romney he is a liar he says he's. they were two hundred fifty million dollars that's wrong is worth at least a billion dollars because he made twenty million dollars last year as investments interest rates on ten year notes are around two percent it's all passive investment managers passively in a blind trust there's no way he could have made six or seven percent. for the million dollars he claims to have mitt romney is a billionaire and he won't say it because he knows there spark incredible backlash
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against that lawyer and number three on this list is howard county maryland fifty eight minute drive another one of the top employers there is sai c. so these are the science applications international corporation which provides services to the n.s.a. and the department of defense monitoring i guess web sites and things like that oh yeah this is science they they love science except what it proves things like manmade global warming then of course they hate science but when it's about the science of picking people's pocket and spying on people they love science but you see that it's mostly the security apparatus these are the guys making money these are where the money is flowing is just observing you so now here are the rich guys ok now i'm going to look at the the people being observed google offering to pay web users to track their every move by signing up for screen wise and installing a browser plug in you'll be given five dollars in store credit on amazon for every
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three months you continue to provide google with browsing data you'll earn an additional five dollar gift card up to a total of twenty five dollars only those over thirteen can participate and perhaps not surprisingly sign ups are currently on hold due to overwhelming interest womyn used to be forty acres and a mule you know they give you five bucks to spy on you and i would be surprised if you have people from overseas rushing to america to get five dollars from google people in greece for people in greece. five dollars twenty five dollars that's a whole six months of pay and it shows you the whole neo feudal system ok now these economies these the rich people the rich communities are those who are doing the spying who get paid to spy on you google is one of the biggest corporations in the world because they spy on you you are poor because you take whatever dregs
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whatever bread and circuses they trickle down to you you'll take whatever you get you'll accept the being spied on they think of their first says they're getting free twenty five dollars oh it's a free twenty five dollars never for a moment considering that the apparatus that allows them to get that twenty five dollars has disenfranchised them so horribly that the u.s. competitiveness is crashing and the standard of living is crashing and there's no health care there but you got your free torney five dollars i like that also google says you have to be thirteen or over to participate i mean what sort of a thirteen or fourteen year old is signing up to this and do they need their parents' permission or who it seems totally bizarre thirteen years old then you know we're ten years old five years old. well you know these people are at least receiving thirty five dollars to be spied on i however was spied on yesterday and performing my service here to the kaiser report researching some headlines u.k.
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now seizing music blogs with american domains over copyright claims so the site in question is r. and b. exclusive dot com it's a dot com domain but it's based in the u.k. now i followed the link to the story about it being seized and here is the image of what i was presented with soca which is the serious organized crime agency has taken control of this domain if you have downloaded music using this website you may have committed a criminal offense which carries a maximum penalty. of ten years imprisonment and an unlimited fine under u.k. law this is your ip address and then goes on to say the above information can be used to identify you and your location soca has the capability to monitor and investigate you and can inform your internet service provider of these infringements put that together with the google story and the ability to farm all
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of the information images and photos of the next time it'll be a picture of some greasy grease ball from washington with your grandmother and a gun to her head and say stop or blow your grandma's head off. and look at the also this is the serious organized crime agency and look at the treatment they give you look at the words look at the threats they issue and yet london is where bernie made off happened where lehman brothers happened where a i.g. fraud happened where m.f. global fraud happened and how do they talk about these people oh we don't want to chase the business of the city out of london oh we must molly coddle them oh we don't want to banker bash you bring up m.f. global they still haven't recovered the one point six billion missing still hasn't been and there's no investigation john corazon is getting his toenails painted so one of the quote those are there's no there's no prosecution well let's look at the
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math the fact that this is called soca the serious organized crime agency where is the racket max look in the city of london is it the banks working with the credit rating agencies working with the regulators in a conspiracy to defraud the global investing and savings world no absolutely and they end up pushing all their losses and to countries like greece and elsewhere where people have to suffer real austerity measures now as to to make up for all that criminality also i mean these people basically the site was providing just a way you could listen to the music ok. which is a lot like radio ok you could accidently hear radio all over the place now is it going to be an organized crime if you happen to be walking past somebody is radio playing a song and i thought maybe your burkas you know that these soca and m.r.i. a and all these guys could start pushing i think their burkas is a good idea probably put put that through the pass along washington you know easy peasey nobody will stop it and they'll say it's for the young musicians and they'll
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charge huge fees and then the reverse collateralize on the open futures market and then the play themselves over huge bonus and then and more austerity measures will come along and you won't be able to hear music to it it will be all quiet and finally max from the u.k. a lot of this is about our innovation economy we're supposed to. innovators and that's the way of the future right well cameron has a suggestion that innovative solutions to the drinking problem in the u.k. david cameron to launch attack on britain's boozing scandals cells known as drunk tanks this is his innovative solution max which detain in the breed of people until they sober up could be introduced to towns to tackle the nation's growing alcohol problem. that's all the time for the queen's jubilee that is the claim floating on the thames and there's a bus full of drunken louts urinating on themselves. all right stacey lambert thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max don't go away much more coming your way so stay right there.
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any. one simply. to burn for ever. turtles far is going. to. do we only wants to see this on forever. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry is a big picture. maximizer welcome back to the kaiser reports i'm not to go to california and speak with
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charles you smith is website is of two minds dot com best welcome back to the kaiser report thank you max all right charles shoesmith before we begin to address the financial and economic situation we need to. take a look at social fractals and financial fractals and how we got to the position of rot that we find ourselves and this is a recent story even working on social fractals very interesting tell us more the idea fractals usually we refer to them in nature like the way that a coastline looks ragged at thousand feet and it looks ragged at ten thousand feet and so these structures are self self same we commonly look the same no matter what scale you're looking at so like in social fractals if you take for honest people and you put him in a house in that household is more than likely going to be honest because that's the only that's the only characteristics that are available so that household so if you
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take a household this hard working and honest and responsible and caring you can have a community that has the same characteristics so then you go ok let's take i was communities and put them in a country well and how come the united states is so good that we corrupt at every level so you have to wonder how come basically honest people end up with a politically corrupt nation. then you start asking well how did that happen and i think the answer is when the top level of the society and economy is totally corrupt then everyone believe starts realising they're going to have to game the system by becoming corrupt themselves to get ahead so if you have a living at the top you have living at the bottom and so these these things are connected to a need some kind of role model some point now speaking of social fractals greek prime minister look at us papademos said that if the austerity measures were not passed by parliament there would be a social explosion your thoughts i think as we discussed on my last visit when you
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deny democracy when you put. the financial and social future of your nation in the hands of bankers then how how can it how can you expect any response other than an explosion against this sort of oppression and feudalism yeah and on on on the worldwide basis charles you spent the oil imports of iran a cut off to greece what impact to expect on the greek economy in light of the fact that iran was the only nation willing to send them on solid oil on credit it's hard to imagine. the tragedy that's unfolding in greece where these dominoes one after the other you know that the government is ceasing to function certainly has a democracy and it seems to be ceasing to function as an organization that it can serve its people and so having a.


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